Abigail is ready for Christmas

The Night Before ChristmasWe don’t have snow on the ground yet, Thanksgiving dinner has yet to be served, but Abigail is all ready for Christmas! She has been talking about snow, Christmas, presents, and even learning Christmas carols for the past month or so.

When she tells us she wants a toy, she is just as satisfied to put it on her Christmas list! Click on the link to see her list.

Abigail has watched the Caillou, Charlie Brown, and Mickey Christmas specials within the last month. She has been talking about making Christmas cards for “everyone,” and has developed a strong liking for pumpkin pie! Ask her to sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” or “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” and she has those down too!

With a wonderful, wide eyed toddler like Abigail, it truly makes this the most wonderful time of the year!

Project #1

So mommy hasn’t been going to work since elsie was born.

Grandma Myrvik was here last week and cooked lots of food for us and played with me lots while mommy took care of elsie and took her to dr. appointments.

Today it was just mommy and me and elsie.

Mommy helped me make a project today. She cut out daddy, mommy, elsie, me, grass & a sun. I glued them and colored them too. It was lots of fun. I’m glad mommy is staying home with me now.

Daddy took a picture of me with my project after I told him about it and he is going to bring it to work with him so he can look at it all the time. That makes me happy.


Pretty Clips

Mommy’s friend Andrea made these really pretty hair clips and mailed them to me. I love getting mail and I love trying to put things in my hair and mommy’s.


Mommy says Andrea is making these for her brand new baby girl Ava and she is selling them online too. You can go right here to look at all the pretty things she makes.


I really like to look at the clips so I have a hard time leaving them in my hair. I don’t get to wear them to daycare because Mommy says I might lose them so I get to play with them and put them in my hair just when we are at home right now.

Mommy says my hair is growing a bunch and she puts a ponytail in almost every day. I really like it when Mommy does my hair.

Can you say…

Mommy & Daddy are really enjoying how much I’ve been talking lately. They like to see if I will repeat the things they say.

This morning they asked me to say “Happy Anniversary” but I said “no” because that is really long and hard to say.

Then mommy tricked me by asking me to say “happy” which I said and then asked me to say “anniversary” which I also managed but it sure does have a lot of syllables!

I don’t know what Happy Anniversary means.

I do know what happy means though.

Happy is when…

…I wake up after a nap and mommy or daddy is there to give me a big hug and

…mommy holds me when she’s cooking so I can help and

…daddy reads to me in bed at night and tucks my babies in with me and

…I get to wear my Dora socks.

Mommy & daddy got a new camera so they have been taking even more pictures of me than normal.

Mommy likes to take pictures like this


Daddy likes to take pictures like this


Abigail takes nap in a real bed

Today Abigail took a nap in her real bed for the first time. She has a bunk bed set from IKEA that doubles as a fort and a story time area. But today, it is serving it’s original intended purpose.

IMG_7795Before I put her down for her nap today, I talked to her about the bed, and asked her if she wanted to nap on the bed or the crib. She pointed at the bed.

So I grabbed a few stuffed animals from her crib, and loaded them into the bed. Next, I pulled back the blankets. Then I told her that she could lay down on the bed for her nap. She laid down and I reiterated that she would be taking a nap. I told her goodnight and walked away.

For about 10 minutes, I could hear her making noises once in a while, but then she fell asleep! I’m so proud of her for doing such a good job!

We did try this several months ago, but she got out of bed and cried standing next to the crib. I think it helps that she sees kids in daycare sleep on cots for naptime, even though she still sleeps in the crib.

Next step, potty training (but we’ll take our time with that)!